How it works

Our ordering service is designed to be as convenient as possible, allowing you to keep track of your project throughout the process. There’s no longer any need to send endless strings of emails as your order information is kept conveniently in one place, so you can leave messages and comments about your project at any time of day within your account. This guarantees that we will pick up these messages as we’re working on your project and you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly its stage of completion.

We've divided the process into 6 simple steps...



Browse our Project Store and select the service(s) you need for your project.



Give us the best insight into your desired results by completing as many fields as possible on the product’s order form.



Add your completed request to your basket and checkout.

Once you have placed your order with us, we will set up a folder on our cloud storage for any assets or files you feel we need to complete your project. It’s really important that you share your files with us as soon as you can as we will start the timer on your project from that point onwards. Your folder will become available in your account within two hours for any orders placed before 5pm (Mon-Fri).



When your files have been received, we will get to work on your project and have it ready for proofing within the allotted time you selected while placing your order. Take a breather, we’ve got you covered.



You will receive an email from us to confirm when your creative proof is ready for review. Login to your account dashboard to view the watermarked image/video/audio for your appraisal where you can make detailed notes for any amendments. We will do our very best to action any amendment requests on the same day as we want you to have your completed project as soon as possible.



Once you sign off the project, you will receive a download link for your completed project, ready for its debut!