Post Production



Editing • Grading • Mixing

Video Editing

Included within all of our video packages, the purpose of video editing is always to tell the story and deliver the message in an immersive and congruent way. Our editing styles will take into consideration: your target audience, your message, the desired duration and any additional feedback you offer us. For example, we can edit your footage to a script that you provide or you can give us a broad outline of your desired outcome and we will go with our best instincts. You can offer as much or as little input as you like during the process.

We have clients that have accumulated footage that they want to put to use and using B-roll and other video processing techniques, we have created content for their websites that otherwise would have remained unused.
We have also re-edited advertisements and previously used footage to update them with new information or create an entirely new message. Good editing can refresh old footage and help you to get the very most out of your existing assets without you having to do a thing!

We will take all things into consideration when approaching the edit of your project to keep the message on brand and true to your story.

Enhanced Sound and Sound Mix

Sound is an essential accompaniment to any video and necessary for keeping your viewers’ attention. Noisy sound tracks and harsh-sounding spoken words are among some of the top reasons people skip videos. Your audience wants to be immersed in your message and a balanced, and well-mixed audio track will provide that. We offer enhanced sound as standard with any project, this includes noise reduction, sonic ‘sweetening’ and general level control.

Even if there is no dialogue or recorded sound with the picture, a music soundtrack at the very least is expected and should be a primary consideration when producing your video. To learn more about sound to picture and what we can offer, check out the Audio page. Enhanced sound and sound mix is included within all of our video packages.





Colour Correction

Colour correction is the process that restores colour, making footage appear as natural as possible. The objective is to make the colours look as you would see them in the real world.
By adjusting white and black levels, contrast, white balance and exposure to match clips creating visual consistency for your footage and story flow. Colour correction eliminates visual inconsistencies. You’ll need to go through this process if you hope to cut together footage that may not look exactly the same, but needs to be in the used in the same scene.

Primary colour correction is included within all of our video packages.

Secondary correction
Once we’ve corrected and matched the entire image for all of your clips, we can begin our secondary colour correction process. This involves isolating specific parts of the image, or objects within it, and correcting only those. This technique is used commonly to correct skin tone, sky and featured items. Again, the main objective is to make the colours appear as they should in reality. However, we also use this opportunity to enhance specific colours (on a product for example) while maintaining its place within the real world.

Colour Grading

Colour Grading is one of the great post production secret weapons. It helps to tell the story through colour and invoke very specific atmospheres and emotions by colouring footage in new, sometimes unnatural, ways.

Grading is the stylised colour scheme of your footage. Depending on your project, your colour grade can be really stylised like that used in many popular movies. Or it can be subtly used for projects that require more realism, like documentaries.

Colouring video means we are adding colour information to something that already has baked-in colour. We are not changing the digital values of colour, but rather adding colour values on top of the existing ones. This is why we recommend that your footage undergoes our Colour Correction process to ensure we paint your masterpiece on a neutral canvas.

Colour grading is something professionals consider while still in the pre-production phase of filming. However, colour grading in post-production can be fun to explore how small tweaks to colour can significantly impact the mood of your project.

You can reference specific examples or simply describe the vibe and atmosphere for us to work with for your grade.

Video Post Production Packages

We’ve tried to keep our ordering process as straight-forward and thorough as possible. With our Video Packages, you simply need to choose your maximum video duration and the level of tweaking you’d like us to do. All of our video packages are created using the techniques and processes included within our Standard post production level. Other items can be added in to your package for an additional fee or you can upgrade for a flat rate, giving you loads of extra options to secure the best possible result for your project’s outcome. Your post production, on your terms, at transparent prices.

Asset Creation

Sound • Title Cards •VFX• Lower Thirds

VFX and Motion Graphics

The term Visual FX covers a wide range of applications, from picture animation, 3D text, masking and object removal, green screen, to whole landscapes created and overlaid into a scene.

If you are using a green screen we can replace it with an image, or create an animated image, or even replace it with video footage. Commonly, we are asked to add 3-dimensional text to footage to mark locations, or as a title card of sorts; marking a new episode etc.

We can animate logos, emblems and any pre-existing assets that you have; we do not do 3D modelling or drawn animation (yet!). We can also source assets for VFX from our Royalty-Free libraries where needed.

Common uses for VFX are to replace number plates on vehicles, changing shop names, adding objects to a scene or masking unwanted objects. We can superimpose footage from one clip onto another…it’s all up to your imagination! If you aren’t sure what you want, that’s ok too. Just share your vision with us and we will create what we think will be the most impactful adjustments for your project. Check our showreel for some of the ways in which you can have us create VFX and Motion graphics for your project.

3D animated images can take your stunning image to the next level as we add depth and movement using our catalogues of photo and video manipulation techniques. We can create your image to animate on an infinite loop so you can set it to repeat or, simply a clip of up to 15 seconds in duration. These moving images can be used a part of a slideshow on websites or at events, or used within videos as additional footage.

3D Animated Images are immensely popular and have multiple uses throughout a video. Aside from adding duration to your footage,  we can animate specific elements of your image and/or create a panning shot by separating out the foreground, mid-ground and background. We can animate single object within a photo or add elements to add depth and movement to your image to truly captivate your audience. Optionally, this image can also be turned into a slide by adding text to give more information or a call to action.

Logo Animation and Ident Creation

Help to build awareness for your brand by book-ending your video with your company idents. We animate a still of your logo/emblem for use as company idents on slides, or they can be resized for use on name bars etc. You can re-use these idents in future videos to improve recognisability and add a common thread to your videos.

We use varying techniques to animate your logo and welcome any and all input regarding what you want the final result to look like. If not, we will create something that we think is in-keeping with your message. The animation will require a copy of your logo for us to work with. Check out our example animated logos for more ideas of what we can do for you.


While not essential for videos containing dialogue, a music soundtrack can convey the mood of a video faster than spoken words or images. We can add your music soundtrack from a file you provide or we can select some music for you from our Royalty-Free libraries of music. Music will be respectfully edited to fit the video and we will ensure any additional Sound Effects, Custom Sound Design and on-screen sound are mixed with the soundtrack, making it as immersive as possible.

To learn more about sound to picture and what we can offer, check out our Audio page.  

SFX and Custom Sound Design

Just like music, sound design is another layer in storytelling that can enhance and augment the visual aspects of any project; creating and guiding emotion and tone. From adding simple sound FX such as the ‘whoosh’ of a camera move to creating full soundscapes for a scene – the wind, the rain, the traffic and the crowds. Custom sound design is of course essential to movies and TV fiction, but it can also lend a depth of professionalism to advertising, documentary of any medium, fully immersing your audience in the visual story. We use, compose and create many techniques and resources to create the perfect soundscape for your project. Learn more about our audio techniques on our Audio page.

Planning a Video Shoot?

Here are some helpful documents

Title Cards

A title card is an introductory scene that appears before your video to tell the viewer who you are and what the topic is. We create these as additional footage for your project and they can be static or animated, depending on necessity. Book-ending your video with your company idents and a call to action will help to build awareness of and further solidify your brand.

We believe title cards are essential and so they come as standard with any video editing package we provide. If you would like us to animate a still of your logo for use as company idents please see Logo Animation and Ident Creation.

We can create title cards for you from a logo or image you upload. Alternatively, if you have them from a previous video project, you can upload your own idents along with your footage.

Title cards are important to establish what you’re watching and typically include your company ident. If you are creating something episodic, this could also be where the title of the video can appear, otherwise it can be applied on top of the footage as text – see Text and Lower Thirds.

These can be static or animated to varying degrees depending on your requirements and always add a good helping of professionalism to any promotional project. Upload your logo and any relevant graphics you have and we’ll take care of the rest. If you don’t have pre made graphics don’t worry, we can create these for you.

Title cards are included within all of our video packages.

Text and Lower Thirds

A lower third refers to a overlying text graphic placed within the bottom third of the screen. Not to be confused with Subtitles, this is where we would typically add name straps to indicate the identity of a person talking, but can also be used to indicate locations, key information or even the weather forecast! Notice how lower thirds are used on television news networks to give as much information as possible, without detracting from the footage.

Adding name straps to include a person’s credentials will add integrity to any promotional or instructional video. We can work with your logo/ident and colours, or we’ll use our creativity instead. They can be animated in and out of the clips or remain static throughout the whole video.


Created as extra footage for your video, a slide is a fixed frame of information that usually shows for a few seconds but of course can be of any duration.
Slides can contain images and text depending on your requirements and are typically used to provide a call to action anywhere in your video, single frame credits at the end of videos, infographics to illustrate information discussed…the possibilities are endless!
Simply tell us what information you would like to include on your slides and we will do the rest. For slides that include animated text and images, please select VFX and Motion Graphics.


Subtitles are used to visually represent the spoken content of the video, typically in the bottom half of the frame.

If you are using your video on social media, including subtitles will keep the silent-scrollers on your video for longer. This is also really useful if a speaker has a thick-accented voice or if non-mainstream terminology is used in your video.
We can transcribe all spoken English and stylise your subtitles to match your brand, alternatively, you can upload your transcription for us to insert into your video.

Royalty-Free Assets

Using our libraries of royalty-free video, photo and music assets, we can create B-roll or add a music soundtrack to your project. This is a fantastic way to illustrate your message on a tight budget, bulking up your video, and is included with all of our video packages.

You can let us know what you’d like to hear or see, or we will go with our instincts and select suitable assets from our libraries for you to review within your video delivery.