Post Production



Mixing • Mastering • Composition

Groove • Space • Dynamics • FX

Whether solo guitar, rock band or symphonic orchestra, we have over 30 years experience with multi track mixing. 

We understand that music is nothing if not utterly subjective. So we also understand that handing over your labour of love to complete strangers to mix, seems counter intuitive (how can someone mix your track if you’re not standing behind them shouting “Make it PHATTER!”?) But that said, there are many processes that we can apply that will bring out the sonic best in your music. Universal processes such as separation, width and dynamics will bring any track to life, regardless of genre or style and when done right, will make every element glow in it’s own space. When it comes to your own particular creative voice, we encourage you to send reference tracks with your notes… this allows you the opportunity to say, for example: “I like the how loud the snare is in the chorus of this track.” or “The vocal effect on this is BANGIN’!” There is no limit placed on the amount of reference material you can send us so fill your boots! We have developed a systematic approach to mixing that breaks down the process into 4 stages: Groove, Space, Dynamics and FX.  This allows us to build the mix on solid sonic foundations and get the best possible Pre-Mastered sound from any source recording.

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Tone • Depth • Volume • Balance

Mastering is the final sonic “polish.” If you have a track that has been mixed by us then the natural next step is to have us master it. 

We also understand that you may have mixed your music exactly the way you want it and simply need someone to apply the dark art of mastering. We offer mastering as a stand alone service. We will look to correct any mix balance issues, fill any ‘holes’ in the mix, enhance sonic characteristics and bring the overall track up to volume.  This will create a  general sweetening of the mix, correct and enhance the stereo image and return a professional-sounding, finished 24bit master. 


for Musicians and Audio Creators

|24-Bit Stereo Mix-Master
|5 Tracks

Package includes multi-track mixing and 24-bit mastering for 5 tracks of up to 5 minutes each in duration. Delivery within 21 days unless Priority Delivery is selected for delivery within 10 days at an additional fee of £99. Learn more about our Audio Processing services here.

Score • Digital Performance • Mix

There are many different projects for which we are asked to compose music. From full orchestral scores and incidental queues for picture, instrument sections for bands to background music for video.  If you need an original composition for your project, we can cater for anything. 

Composing to picture

With composing to picture, the process always starts with a ‘Temp’ track. This is the place holder music that you are working to or a reference track that you’ve got in mind for the music (a guide audio track with music and effects.) This gives us a stylistic jumping off point. A Temp Track is a great way to get on board with the stylistic approach. If you don’t have a specific track in mind, you can simply describe what the emotion is for the piece and we can work from there. It is, however, very rare that a director doesn’t hear in his or her head the sort of music that they want. Once we’ve established the musical palette, we can get to work. With composing to picture this will mean tempo mapping and marking the various hits, builds, fades, transitions etc. or in the broadest sense, telling the emotional story you want to tell.

Instrument sections for bands 

Over the years, many different bands have approached us to create instrument sections for a song that they are recording. 99% of the time, it’s a string section. The process is always the same: one member of the band will play a melodic part on a keyboard and ask us to turn it into a fully arranged string part… we LOVE doing this! One of our resident composers is an orchestral arranger and enjoys nothing more than writing an orchestral part to fill out the soundscape of a great song. Listen to the example track “Hair of the Dog” to hear how a guitar song can be elevated by the addition of orchestral instruments and ‘overlay’ for a simple melody line, turned into a four part string section.

Background Music

There is no doubt that any video is elevated by background music and there is an entire industry of stock music for this reason. Sometimes, however, there is a requirement that this be bespoke and original. Our team of composers can create music to spec, all they require is a point in the right direction. If you need background music to your video presentation, we are here to help.

Composing to picture

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Instrument sections for bands 

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Background Music

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Voice Enhancement • ADR Mixing

Voice Enhancement

Volume • Tone • Dynamics • Noise Reduction

It is simply a fact that the sonic quality of speech is the most important element of any video production. Clarity and Consistency of volume is key to any dialogue post production. We can smooth sonic quality, reduce any unwanted noise and shape levels and dynamic range to make your voice recording sound full and professional whether a speech, performance, narration or voice over.

We can also edit and adjust for timing so your words land at exactly the right moment, either to fit an image perfectly or maintain a consistent pace in longer form recordings such as audio books.  

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ADR Mixing

Tone • Edit • Dynamics • Noise Reduction

Syncing Audio to picture precisely is never more important that with ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement.) There are many reasons that ADR might be necessary, most common is audio problems or excessive noise on set/location.

We can move audio to match and lip sync dialogue, even if it’s been recorded remotely with very little equipment. Below is an example of a section of dialogue that was recorded a year after principle production concluded and was recorded on the actors smartphones. We were able to sync the audio to fit into the scene.

Sound Design

Foley • SFX • Ambience


Sound Creation • Edit • Mix

The art of “Foley” is creating sound effects by watching a scene and mimicking the action, often with props that do not exactly match the action.

The purpose is to record sounds that cannot be properly captured during the shoot. This broadly covers any physical interaction with people and objects including creating footsteps, creaking doors and even the sound of punches and fight sounds. This can also extend to animal sounds such as the flapping of wings or the scuttling of insects, the most famous being the use of coconut shells for horse hooves. 


Sound Creation • Edit • Mix

Thumping heartbeats, ominous rumbles and the whoosh of a fast panning camera are all prime examples of creative SFX. While often similar to the creative process of Foley, Sound FX are often other worldly or imagined sounds that create comedy, tension or perceived realism in a scene. 

These sounds can be created to be simply realistic or highly stylised to fully serve the production design. As a part of our sound design process, these sounds are always created to serve the story and stylistic approach of the production. 


Sound Creation • Edit • Mix

Ambience (or background noise) is all about “world building,” pushing the scope of the sound world beyond the edges of the frame. The creative use of ambience can be a powerful tool in establishing location and period. A scene may have little in the way of visual information, but the sound can conceivably place the scene in any time or location. On a more functional level, a consistent ambience such as “room tone” can smooth out cuts between angles or create a constant flow through a scene.