Audio Mixing and Mastering

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Multi-track audio mixing and mastering

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We will mix and master your multi-track recording using state of the art software. We will edit any timing issues, use EQ to shape sonics and separate individual elements, create space with FX and balance dynamics. When the track is mixed, we will bring the stereo pre-master into our digital mastering suite. We will seek and destroy any unwanted frequencies, balance any holes in the frequency spectrum and and use advanced dynamics to bring the track up to professional volume without loosing the natural dynamics of the track.
Using our order form please add as much information as you like as this will help us to achieve your anticipated outcome. Give any reference tracks to help us direct the mix of your audio. We will go with our instincts for any unanswered questions.
All orders come with up to 3 rounds of amendments to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.
A "track" is defined here as one audio project with a duration of no longer than 5 minutes; i.e. one song, multiple instruments. For longer tracks, you will need to add an extra track to your order to cover the time difference. If you have a DAW project for your track, please bounce out all individual instruments as stems WITHOUT any FX or Dynamics.
Completed tracks will be returned to you as both 24-bit WAV and 320kb/s MP3.
Orders are fully-tracked online and you will be regularly updated by email as your order and project is processing.
Standard delivery within 21 days of receipt of your audio.
10 day Priority delivery available for an additional fee.